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Mini-Tools Features



Mini-Tools Features

(1) Smallest possible thread
(2) All tolerances
(3) Minimum runout
(4) High surface quality

Flank Clearance and Effective Inclination Angle

Inclination angle β of the cutting edges corresponds to a specific thread helix angle λ and ensures equal clearance angle on both sides of insert.

α - Flank clearance angle
λ - Helix angle
β- Effective inclination angle is achieved by selecting the suitable anvil

Infeed Methods for Threading Operations

Flank Infeed

Radial Infeed

Alternating Flanks Infeed

Flank Equal Equal depth of cut for each pass

Flank Diminishing - Diminished depth of cut for each pass

H - Depth of thread profile (on ø)
D - Depth of pass (on ø)
U - Depth of finishing pass (on ø)

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